THE HAUNTED HYDRO is one of the top Haunted Attractions in the country and northwest Ohio's longest running and most authentic Haunted House! Built in a 1911 Hydro Electric Power Plant. It is the only haunted attraction of its kind.

No, The Haunted Hydro actors will not intentionally touch guests. However, if you wish to be touched by our actors, you can add the EXTREME upgrade to your ticket for a few dollars more. It's worth it we promise! You also receive an awesome limited edition Tshirt! 

There is no age limit if an adult is accompanying children, although discretion is advised for children under the age of 13. This haunt is real and one of the top attractions in the world. It may not be suitable for younger ages, and certainly not for children who require being held. 

No photography, filming, flashlight use or other use of cell phones in any form is allowed inside the Haunted House experience. Photography taken outside the haunt is allowed. Media access should contact

Unfortunately due to the nature of the 1911 historic building, the woods and several other factors, The Haunted Hydro is not accessible by wheel chair. You are free to roam the Midway festivities as you wish. 

The Haunted Hydro grounds is large. You can expect to be inside and outside, walking through areas and interacting with monsters for at least 20-30 minutes. Plan to wear good footwear and don't wear your best clothing. 

Yes. We close our main gates and box office to new arrivals at our specified closing hours. However, if you’re in line prior to the closing of the gates, you will be permitted entry.

Please check our calendar schedule for all opening and closing as it varies as we progress through the season or on busier nights. Please know, if you purchase a ticket before the box office closes, you are guaranteed to enter the haunt. 

The Haunted Hydro is a very busy attraction but we do offer timed ticketing slots, which tremendously cuts down on your wait time. When you purchase a ticket online or at the box office, you will be given a choice of an available time slot to show up for. Only show up for your time slot, if you come before you scheduled time, you will be turned away and must wait. Our timed ticketing is to control crowd flow. You can always purchase a FAST PASS OR FRONT OF THE LINE TICKETS for even quicker access. 

Yes, all our attractions are 100% wheelchair handicap accessible, and there are parking spaces designated accordingly. Please let our staff know when you arrive and they will accommodate your group accordingly. We want everyone to have a great time!

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS. Tickets will also be available at the Haunted Hydro, where all major credit cards are accepted. Prices are listed online. Some dates and times WILL sell out, for this reason we recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance.

No, but for a very good reason. Although there are no age restrictions, we want parents to be sure their child is mature enough to not be too scared. If you think your youngster will be okay with it, bring them down. But please understand this a gory, no-holds-barred haunt meant to scare. It's not corny or cheesy. We will not be held responsible for anything except nightmares. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and there will be no refunds after a ticket is purchased (in case your child or YOU chicken out). NO REFUNDS!!

Yes, for groups of 15 or more if booked in advance and all at once. Email us at

Guests may go through in groups of up 6 at a time. Sometimes we make special requests but it is only at our discretion. 

Yes. There are emergency exits you can use with the assistance of our staff. Please understand that are no refunds.

We always welcome people to join our team of terror. Sign up directly on our website or at

We are excited to unveil a new ticketing system for 2023 that aims to significantly reduce your wait time at the haunted house.

This ticketing system is designed to work just like when you buy tickets to a movie and must select the date and time for your appointment.

This year, when you go to the website to purchase a ticket to The Haunted Hotel, you’ll start by selecting your tickets desired and the date and time you want to come.

Although this timed ticketing system is designed to significantly reduce wait times, please do NOT expect immediate access upon entry. You still will encounter a wait of 60 minutes or more once you enter the building. Timed ticketing is only to help spread guests across the entire evening and keep everyone from showing up at the most peak times!

The entry window on your ticket represents a period of time during which you may enter. For example, if your ticket is for 8:00PM, you may enter the line any time between 8:00PM and 8:30PM. The only way to enter early to is purchase a FAST PASS OR FRONT OF THE LINE.

If you MISS your window times lot, you will be pushed to the next available entry window, which could be 60 or more minutes away, depending on available capacity. 

You can transfer your tickets to someone else, but only if that transfer is completed before your ticket date and time.

We understand things happen, so we will always try to accommodate you. Just communicate with our staff.

Yes. To reduce wait times, there are a limited number of tickets available each hour. If your desired time slot is unavailable, please consider coming earlier or later, or on a different day. 

There are fewer Fast Pass tickets available each hour (30% of total capacity each hour) and the Fast Pass line is much shorter and gets customers into the attractions faster than the General Admission line. As a result, General Admission ticket holders usually spend 2x-3x as long in line as Fast Pass ticket holders.

Yes, but we recommend reserving your tickets online in advance to guarantee availability and to significantly reduce your wait time. A limited number of walk-up tickets are available each night at the box office, but they are subject to availability and may sell out.

You will be granted entry to any other night during the same time slot or later as your original tickets. Plan ahead.

If you have any additional questions about The Haunted Hydro, please fill out the CONTACT form or email us