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Contact any of us through or

The "HYDRO HOTLINE" @ 419-455-4364

Call this number for more info or to leave a message. It is manned by a LIVING-DEAD-GHOUL only during weekend operational hours. If you call during the week or other times you can leave a message. Our PHONE-GHOUL regularly checks messages and will call you back at their earliest convenience. Most answers can be found under our FAQ section of this website. You can also CHAT with us off this website if we are out of our COFFINS, send us an email, Facebook PM us or even text this number as an additional option. Anyone disrespecting this service will be automatically BLOCKED. Please only call or text during normal 9-5 business hours unless it is an emergency.

Bob and Beth Turner – Owners/Operators – 32 Years
Casey Heath – Park Manager, Escape Room Coordinator and LEADS Team Director
Beth Turner – Executive LEAD
Laura Cleveland – Assistant Park Manager

Rebba Parsley – Intern
L.E.A.D.S. stands for Learn Educate AmplifyDirect SCARE!

Our Key LEADS TEAM Members for this season are as follows:
Marie Taylor  – Ticket Booth/Payroll Manager
Bob Turner  –
Build Team LEAD
Jim Bevens –
Photo Shoot Co-Coordinator and all around help
Dee Miller-Owens – Street Team and Photographer LEAD
Scott Fox – Maintenance/Sanitation LEADs
Robert Sklar – Gift Shoppe & Entrance LEAD
Parking Lot/Security/EMT – 
The Ohio Safety Team

Brad Padgett – Escape Rooms LEAD
Dee Miller-Owens
Evan Zaleski
Taya Rohrbacher
Jerry Chaffee
Jon Cantu
Daniel “Clappy” Royster
Raven Graham

Designed by The Village of Darkness
A very special thanks to Jeff Beach Photography, Dee Miller-Owens, Bad Wolf Photography, Kyle Dickman, Bonnie Brown and Bill Mershon, Weitzman Photography for their great photos