Covid Safety Statement


The safety of our patrons and staff ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will be our #1 priority while providing fun and frightful Halloween Entertainment at the HAUNTED HYDRO DARK ATTRACTION PARK.


We care deeply about our family of staff, loyal patrons and the incredibly supportive community surrounding us. We always have recognized that patrons and staff place their trust in us to provide a scary, fun and entertaining experience; however, they trust that we have also taken many measures to ensure their absolute safety. Our commitment has not changed as the unfortunate result of COVID-19.


We are LEARNING this all basically as “TRIAL and FIRE” this year and hoping it all runs like CLOCK-WORK… but it is COVID-19 CRAZINESS and combine that with HALLOWEEN MADNESS… as Crazy Bob says… EXPECT the UNEXPECTED… but just be FLEXIBLE and take a deep breath and be thankful you are OUT of the HOUSE and about to enjoy some SCARY FUN before OLD MAN WINTER coops us up again!!!!! We will do our very BEST to accommodate you and make your experience at the HYDRO a positive one!


• Pursuant to suggested Ohio law, all patrons and workers will be required to wear masks/face coverings at all times. If you are not willing to wear a mask/face covering, we ask that you please do not come to the Park. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one free of charge.


Random Temperature checks will be taken of patrons and all crew will have their temperatures checked before we allow them to work each night. If your temperature exceeds 100° you will be asked to come back another night.


• While at the HAUNTED HYDRO, please always social distance yourself from other groups. A minimum of 6 feet…. Basically the length of one COFFIN…!


• While at the HAUNTED HYDRO, please regularly use our hand sanitizer. It is in located throughout the park and free of charge.


• While at the HAUNTED HYDRO, please do your best not to touch anything. If you do touch something, please remember to use the hand sanitizer promptly.


• Before you come to the HAUNTED HYDRO, please make a RESERVATION ONLINE. If you do not have a reservation, you run the risk of being asked to come back another night. As suggested by OHIO law, we are limiting the number of people in the attractions and at the HAUNTED HYDRO DARK ATTRACTION PARK.


Tickets are being SOLD in 1-HOUR segments this season. ADVANCED ONLINE ticket sales will stop 1-hour before the hour slot is over the night of your visit. EXAMPLE: You are wanting to book tickets for the 9pm – 10pm time slot. You check online at 8:45pm and there are still tickets available. You may book them for that time-slot. If you wait until 9:01pm – Online tickets for that time slot will be turned off or LOCKED for online sales. Tickets may or may not be available at the Ticket Box Office for that hour.


If you can not purchase your tickets online: There could be some available at the ticket booth, however, you run the risk that there may be no availability for the hour you come and be put into a later time slot.


• When you and your group arrive, you will need to check in via the VIRTUAL QUEUE LINE LINK that you received when you purchased your tickets. We ask that you wait in your vehicle until you are prompted to head to the park. We ask you do not just show up at the front without showing that you have been prompted to enter.


• If you are LATE FOR YOUR RESERVATION we can not guarantee that you will be able to be admitted during that time slot and therefore moved to the next available time-slot. So please DO NOT be late!!


If we have not answered your questions please feel free to contact us!

While you are having fun, please keep everyone safe.

Our COVID-19 Contingency & Safety Plan is subject to change based on state and local mandates.



1. HOW DO I PURCHASE TICKETS THIS SEASON? Things will be different this season. Admission to the Hydro will be based on a TIMED TICKETING ADVANCE RESERVATION SYSTEM to limit the number of people in each attraction and at the Park at one time. Please carefully read the following information below in regards to purchasing tickets to the HAUNTED HYDRO in 2020.


2. BUY TICKETS ONLINE – As a result of COVID-19, we STRONGLY encourage the purchase of ALL tickets in advance through our website at You will be required to plan your night with us by selecting a specific DATE and TIME SLOT when we are open each night. By utilizing timed ticketing, we can limit the number of patrons in each attraction and at the Park and adhere to governmental mandates. If you have a reservation, you are guaranteed admission for your time slot. Anyone without a reservation will NOT be guaranteed admission.


3. WEATHER ISSUES – We do NOT close if it is raining! The HYDRO does not close due to WEATHER unless it is a severe safety hazard. In that case, you would be contacted via EMAIL or TEXT and given the option to choose another date and time. DO NOT CALL us if it is raining on the day you are coming… just plan on getting a little wet. If it is raining or snowing, etc… Please DRESS for it. Wear old shoes, boots, rain coat, umbrella, hoodie, hat, mittens, etc. There are NO REFUNDS or date exchanges if you simply do not show up because of weather.


4. CHECKING INTO OUR VIRTUAL QUEUE. You must attend at the time slot you reserved with your group. When you arrive at the park you must CHECK into our VIRTUAL QUEUE using your phone. This will let us know you have arrived. Once you have checked in you will receive a text from the Box Office letting you know we see you have arrived and we will put you into our queue. Once it is your turn you will be notified via text to gather your party and head to the entrance. If you are early, we cannot guarantee we can get you in early. If you or part of your group is late for their allotted time slot, you/they will be granted admission when there is availability that evening. We do ask that you wait in your car until you are asked to head to the gate.


5. PATRONS WHO HAVE A PHYSICAL FREE TICKET or CRAZY BOB BUCK CERTIFICATE – Need to call the HYDRO phone number a minimum of 24 hours prior to their arrival at 419-307-6985.


6. BUYING TICKETS AT THE HYDRO – Those that prefer to purchase tickets on location will NOT be guaranteed admission and will experience longer wait times!


7. WHAT HAPPENS IF ME OR A PART OF MY GROUP IS LATE FOR MY RESERVATION? Don’t be! – Plan ahead! We ask that whatever time slot you reserve you plan on arriving 15 minutes before or no more than 30 minutes after the hour. Any later than that you could be subject to being moved to a later time slot depending on traffic for that night. Anyone that is LATE will be admitted when there is availability that evening.


8. IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION WHERE YOU CANNOT WEAR A SAFETY FACE MASK then we invite you to come back next year when hopefully everyone will be able to enter without one. At this time we are following the state mandate and requiring everyone who enters the park to wear a mask as well as all our cast and crew as well this season.


9. WHAT ABOUT SMOKING AT THE PARK UNDER THE COVID-19 PROTOCOLS? We are not allowing any smoking inside the Park this year. You can smoke outside in the parking lot area only or in your cars.


10. CAN I GET A REFUND OR CHOOSE ANOTHER DATE IF AN EMERGENCY COMES UP AND I AM UNABLE TO ATTEND ON THE DATE/TIME I HAVE PRE-PURCHASED? We are unable to give refunds. However, we do understand things happen and we will try to work with you to select a new date and time. You must contact us via email at: to discuss matters further.


11. IS THERE HAND SANITIZER AT THE PARK? YES, we have many stations throughout the park and it is FREE.


Our PROMISE to you is to SCARE you as SAFELY as possible…! PLEASE help us by following these guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: These are subject to change in accordance with State and County mandates and recommendations.

We at The HAUNTED HYDRO want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience. To make this possible, we have made some changes to the way we operate. Please help us by following these guidelines.


If you are experiencing flu like symptoms such as a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please stay home and reschedule your visit for another time. You will be required to complete a short series of Covid19 Safety questions prior to entering the park


A mask or adequate face covering is required to go through the haunt, unless you have a medical condition which prohibits you from wearing one. (If you do not have one we have disposables we will give you)


Non-Latex gloves will be provided & required for all patrons who take part in our Escape Room experiences.


Please maintain a six foot distance between groups and follow all marked social distancing markers set up in waiting areas.


With our Timed Ticketing and our Virtual Queue Line system set in place this season we can easily separate all groups and keep everyone at safe distances away from each other


This year all patrons will be following the same path through the park to comply with CDC Safety social distancing guidelines.

Here are some additional things we are doing to help keep you safe during this time.


Our actors go through temperature screening and fill out the Covid Safety questions upon arrival. They all will be wearing a safety mask or shield as part of their scare characters this year.


We will have multiple hand sanitizer & wash stations available for use throughout the park


We will regularly sanitize any high-touch surfaces (such as handrails and doors).


We will regularly sanitize all Port-a-Jons.


We have taken the Haunt Promise

Designed by The Village of Darkness
A very special thanks to Jeff Beach Photography, Dee Miller-Owens, Bad Wolf Photography, Kyle Dickman, Bonnie Brown and Bill Mershon, Weitzman Photography for their great photos