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Contact any of us through or 419-307-6985

Bob and Beth Turner –Owners/Operators – 30Years
Casey Heath – Park Manager, Escape Room Coordinator and LEADS Team Director
L.E.A.D.S. stands for Learn Educate AmplifyDirect SCARE!

Our Key LEADS TEAM Members for this season are as follows:
Jennifer Hartley – Operations LEAD... AKA: “Momma Jenn”
Jeff Joslyn –
Building & Woods Zone LEAD
Jim Bevens –
Executive LEAD
Marie Taylor – 
Administrative LEAD
Dee Miller-Owens – 
Street Team & Onsite Photographer Lead
Rick Withem –
Street Team Driver
Bonnie Brown – 
Ghouls Gallery, Photo Booth and Group Photo Shoot Director
Julie Barnes – 
Cast and Crew Training LEAD
Scott Fox – 
Maintenance LEAD
Ben Hartley – 
Escape Room Build and Creative Acting Team LEAD
Robert Sklar –
Gift Shoppe & Crazy Bob’s Shirt Shack LEAD
Onsite LEAD – Carly Mata
Parking Lot –
The Ohio Safety Council

Jon Cantu – Escape Room Assistant Build Crew
Lucas Liner – Key Staff Assistant
Kyla Wax – Intern for Key Staff
Parking Lot and EMT Crew – OHIO SAFETY TEAM


Jerry Chaffee
Axe Crimmins
Brad Padgett
Porsche Donich
Tana Anderson
Evan Zaleski
Taylor Marie Logan

Designed by The Village of Darkness
A very special thanks to Jeff Beach Photography, Dee Miller-Owens, Bad Wolf Photography, Kyle Dickman, Bonnie Brown and Bill Mershon, Weitzman Photography for their great photos