The Awakening has unfolded and a new journey into FEAR is upon us. Prepare yourself to Experience The Hydro. Navigate the Monstrous Woods ... Creep across the Cursed Courtyard and into the Legendary Haunted Hydro... One way in... one way out... one Mega Haunt! Never in Hydro History has there been an Experience like this! And it doesn't end make it out of the Hydro. Then you'll take a stroll thru Panic Alley where you can enter one of our four $5 Escape Experiences and enter to win Awesome prizes if you succeed. Don't miss out on our 32nd Season! It's time to get your Scare on... come Experience The Hydro...


The ALL-NEW "Panic Alley" has the following 4 - 5 minute Escape Challenges for you to EXPERIENCE... and if you WIN... you win a HYDRO FLASK STICKER and get to enter our grand prize drawing to WIN $1,000.00 in FRIENDSHIP GIFT CARDS, Neil ZAZA - "One Dark Night" Oct. 29 Concert Tickets plus nightly CD Drawings, Sasquatch GQ Energy Drink Nightly drawings and MORE... (16 and over restriction to enter).



The Concert is sold out! But this shady character has recruited you to help him avoid security and sneak in thru the maintenance building. Will you see the show or get BUSTED!


Quantum Escape:  Crazy Bob is lost in time. It's up to you and Young Crazy Bob to set things right! Can you help Crazy Bob in time or will he be lost to the ages?


Potion Makers Prophecy: you have been chosen by the alchemists to become an apprentice IF you can make the proper potion before time runs out.


BIG TOP TERROR -Build a scare: chaos is coming and you have 5 minutes to find and prepare his outfit before he arrives.

Designed by The Village of Darkness
A very special thanks to Jeff Beach Photography, Dee Miller-Owens, Bad Wolf Photography, Kyle Dickman, Bonnie Brown and Bill Mershon, Weitzman Photography for their great photos